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I finally sat in a whirlpool outside during the winter.


What an amazing feeling it is to accomplish some thing.  Whether it’s an item on your “to-do list” or your “bucket list” once you get it done it feels awesome.  This year is going to be my year to exclaim over and over “I finally did it!”


It has already begun for me.  I always thought people were crazy to be sitting in a hot tub in the winter time.  When I would see that on TV I would just shake my head.  Earlier this month, I became one of those people that I talk about ~ I finally did it.  I went outside in the cold with snow on the ground and experienced the exhilaration.  I now understand why people do it.


Another thing on my “I finally did it” list is my upcoming Girl Talk Unplugged The Ultimate Getaway.  For years I dreamed of bringing women together in a sacred space to heal one another.  What a feeling of accomplishment.


You are now reading my long anticipated Shiftshaping Blog!  For years I had been encouraged by others to do this.  In my heart I resisted because I felt like it was just another thing to add to my already full plate.  I didn’t want to get a larger plate either.  Nevertheless, I determined in my soul that I was going to be intentional about MY purpose.   I’m getting clearer daily on the tools I’ve been given to impact the lives of women, girls, and the men who get to experience the overflow.  This is my FIRST “official” blog post and one more thing I get to shout that “I FINALLY DID IT!”